Grand Knight’s Welcome

As Grand Knight of Father James J. McCafferty Council #11013 I extend a warm welcome to our visitors to the Website.

We are celebrating our 20th year as a Council this year honoring three very important people:

  • Christopher Columbus for whom our Order is named
  • The Venerable Father Michael J. McGivney whose vision established the Knights of Columbus in 1882 with 20 men in St. Mary’s parish in New Haven Connecticut and who would be amazed to find that that fledgling group has grown to over 1,800,000 Catholic men today.
  • Father James J. McCafferty a humble and holy priest who served as the pastor of our parish from June, 1969 through June, 1988 and as Pastor Emeritus from 1988 until his death in 1992.

We welcome the members of our Council who we invite to use this website to keep abreast of the many religious, fraternal and charitable undertakings of the Council. We offer a very special welcome to the visitors who are interested in learning more about the Knights and how you might become an active member in support of the many Charitable projects we undertake. Any Practicing Catholic man is welcome to join us in solidarity with our priests our bishops and our Holy Father.

We hope that all visitors will take the time to contact one of our Officers listed on this website and share your thoughts with us as to how we can improve the site so as to make it even more appealing in order to help members using the site, increase our Membership and continue as well as increase the many charitable works of our Council.

If any of our visitors would like the Council to consider assisting with a worthy cause please share your thoughts with our Officers.

Thank you for visiting our Website we hope you enjoy learning about us.


Bruce Wright, Grand Knight
Phone: 215 431 9620